Saturday, 17 March 2012

Behind The Scene Nozomilkyway solo show

1st -3rd March 2012, I did the solo exhibition at Monty's bar in Brick Lane in London.
It was great experience to do the show by myself. I had lots of help and support from my friends.Many Thanks!

Press release

Nozomi Hoshikawa’s solo show, Behind the Scenes, presents a new series inspired by the dark side of glittering scenarios such as Circus and Burlesque, whilst maintaining the playfulness that is characteristic of both this universe and her own previous work.

In her suitcase assemblages, circus and burlesque imagery and characters are portrayed in their external beauty and playfulness. However, in her drawings she plays with the text to transcend this fantasy and suggest that the ability, and commitment, to shine and entertain might conceal a much more complex emotional life, neurotically oscillating between brutality and perversion, enjoyment and power.

Nozomi suggests that many metaphorical parallels can be traced between this universe and ordinary people’s lives. Not just in that everyone suppresses feelings, but also in the sense of not fitting in or not belonging, that here is exacerbated by circumstances- be it disabilities exploited in the freak shows of old circus tradition or in the nomadic aspect of the travelling entertainer. She suggests that these feelings might be experienced to some degree by anyone at some point in their lives. The artist tries to imagine the complexity of these artists’ life experiences, their reasons for working in such careers, their points of view and how this relates to her own personal interior universe.

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