Wednesday, 15 October 2014

silkscreen T-shirt

I'm trying to make hand made t-shirt recently, it nearly getting there! everyday i try to make it something missing then it taking while but tomorrow i gonna try to put it on the T-shirt and see how it gonna turn out !

Monday, 13 October 2014

Proverbs: Love me little Love me long  諺: 愛は小出しにせよ  

When you love someone too strong it could be the case of bad relationship.
It creates massive jealous and it might kill each other in emotional way.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

That's life

this is my personal work that i wanted to experiment to put together. I tried to show life event  in this work. people in love and break up. happiness coming along and then you are feeling alone.
this is modern life we living.

Monday, 22 September 2014

合縁奇縁  a relationship formed due to a strange turn of fate




I decided to draw japanese proverb everyday (as much as possible..)

today's one " a relationship formed due to a strange turn of fate".

in asia or japan we believe that red string as traditionally fated lovers are joined by this unseen string, tired around one little finger of each. that's why i put red string around the people in this illustration.

copyright(c) 2014 all rights reserved nozomilkyway

Saturday, 2 February 2013

collaboration with Aya Takeshima's knitting textile

I did another collaboration with Aya Takeshima's knitting textile. She studies Fashion Design with knitwear in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. Her textiles are pop and cute. It is always fun to do collaborations! 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekend Affair Project with Rosa

 few weeks ago I met Rosa around Brick lane, she asked me to take picture of me for her project.
After that she told me about her Weekend Affair Project.

 Her project is about collaborate with other artists 3 days in the weekend. And last weekend, me and Rosa decided to make the little book together.

 When Rosa arrived at my flat, Rosa showed me the photos she took near Brick lane few weeks ago, she took few people's photos. and she told me one of the model who called Calvin. He studied law and now he studying philosophy. While she was taking his pictures, he asked her " what is the meaning of life?" few times and he told her that he doesn't like digital photos then he said he prefer analog photography. When I heard the conversation between Rosa and Calvin, I found Calvin is quite funny.
Therefore we decided to make a story about Calvin who I've never met.

We only got the informations about him is his catch parse "What is the meaning of life?" and he wore bath robe instead of winter coat. and of course his pictures (digital photos). also we put the idea of "Fool on the hill" by The beatls.

and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We made this story. We wanted to make it as it makes no sense but at some point it makes sense.

P.S    42 means dead person in japanese






ある日、カルヴィンは、彼の話を聞いてくれる人が彼の魚の恋人のイズラ以外にいないことに、耐えられなくなりました。そして、魚の恋人のイズラは、話返してくれた事がありませんでした。カルヴィンは、イズラに言いました。「僕の愛しいイズラ、君は、ずっと僕が話す言葉を聞いていてくれたね、でも、僕は、けして君に尋ねた事はなかったね イズラ、君には、人生の意味が分かるかい?」


イズラがしゃべったのと、人生の意味の答えを 得たカルヴィンの目は、衝撃のあまりどんどん大きくなり、彼の頭が、かち割れ中から巨大な魚が出てきました。カルヴィンは、ずっと魚だったのでした。