Saturday, 29 January 2011


共用品という思想 岩波書店 後藤 芳一 (著) 星川安之(著)

I did my first illustration job and it' coming out!

I did the book cover for my dad's book and it just published yesterday!

The book is about ideology of accessible design ( design for all).

Firstly, when the editor saw my drawings she wasn't sure my artwork fit the book or not.

because my drawings tend to melancholy . She wanted to put something cheerful and warm

illustration for front cover because the book is quite serious topics.

Then I drew some rough sketches and she liked it then I developed one of them.

when I read the book, I thought it was about people I mean all of us.

How do we improve our life for people who have hurdles in the life.

We don't know that we might lose eye sight one day or lose your legs by accident...

The book made me consider the world bit again.

The important things are people not the substance...

This is about The Accessible Design Foundation of Japan.

it's on amazon !

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  1. Wow Nozomi, Great news! I really like the design. The book sounds quite interesting too